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Denise Sloan (Pollard) writes. “I wonder if any readers could help my seventeen year old grandson with his history project for his leaving certificate History exam. His topic is  How partition affected the British population in India . James has been out to India and visited Kolkata and the tea gardens in the Dooars so has a feeling for the country. I was born in ‘47 before independence and I notice that my birth was registered in the British high commission after independence, was this a flurry of activity? Does any one know how tea companies with gardens in Pakistan and India were affected, for that matter the jute industry. Any anecdotes from planters and their families would be very welcome . My father Dennis Pollard when asked about independence told me that nothing much changed on the gardens just a few "hot heads" in the bazaar would shout in passing. I imagine that for many planters returning after the war, many from POW camps, independence and partition was not high on their list of priorities. Looking at golf club boards and places like Tollygunge club the British seemed to hold onto club life until the late 60s. I also wonder how the Anglo Indian population fared as regards nationality status."


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 · Downstairs at Downton: How the real servants worked 14-hour days and the maids were confined to 'virgin quarters' By Tony Rennell for MailOnline

Bloomberg Businessweek reported a poll of tea party respondents almost unanimously favoring smaller government and lower taxes. Six in 10 advocate government based on Christian principles. More than any other voters, they want to repeal legislation enacted by the president and the Democrat-controlled Congress. They are perfectly matched with the Republican Party, its operatives and the likes of the Kochs.

The governance of the company was in the hands of one governor and 24 directors or "committees", who made up the Court of Directors. They, in turn, reported to the Court of Proprietors, which appointed them. Ten committees reported to the Court of Directors. According to tradition, business was initially transacted at the Nags Head Inn, opposite St Botolph's church in Bishopsgate , before moving to India House in Leadenhall Street . [12]

The Tea Servants HigherThe Tea Servants HigherThe Tea Servants HigherThe Tea Servants Higher