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These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search). You may also sort these by color rating or essay length . Title Length Color Rating   The Role of Socialization of Children in War - For over 20 years, the Lord's Resistance Army has been at war with the government of Uganda, causing a civil war. The Army's Rebel Groups, have attacked small villages, resulting in thousands of innocent deaths, and the abduction of children to fight with the rebels. In order to maintain these organizations, the Rebel Groups are faced with the difficult task of recruiting individuals. With limited available resources, the Rebel Groups cannot offer any appealing incentives to their recruits, but require complete loyalty (Vermeij, 2009)....   [tags: Socialization, Child development, War, ] 1317 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Socialization and the Learning of Gender Roles - The term socialization refers to the “lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn culture.” [Macionis et al. p 55] The concept of socialization is that our actions are driven/learned by culture. Socialization is also the foundation of personality, which we build by internalizing our surroundings. Through the lifelong process of socialization, society transmits culture from one generation to the next. A good example of socialization is the learning of gender roles....   [tags: gender, socialization, psychology,] 887 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Gender Role Socialization Study - In the society we live in today there is a strong difference between what is considered “boy” and what is considered “girl”. This is because from the time we are born; to the time we die we are expected to conform to a gender role. A gender role is a set of behaviors, attitudes, and personality characteristics expected of a person based on their sex. This process of getting people to conform to their gender roles is called socialization, and it affects children very drastically. There are many different places that gender socialization comes from....   [tags: Gender Socialization, Gender Stereotypes]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Homeschooling Children and Socialization - Webster’s Dictionary defines to homeschool as teach your children at home instead of sending them to a school (Merriam-Webster). This is to say that parents teach their own children at home instead of having them go to public, private, or parochial schools. The three main controversies are the socialization of homeschooling children versus public schooling, the educational quality, and the cost difference. These all basically are over the fact that many believe that homeschooled children are very sheltered and protected from the world around them....   [tags: Parenting, Schools, Socialization]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Stereotypes in Early Gender Socialization - If we try to categorize human by the term “gender”, people will be divided into two groups, males and females. Using this kind of categorization, it is considering people who belong in the same group are similar, and these two groups are very different from each other. However in real life, men and women’s characteristics tend to overlap (Crespi) . Even people who are in the same group may have different characteristics and personalities which are formed influencing by the environment and experiences....   [tags: gender socialization, boys and girls, family]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Consumer Socialization: Children as Future Consumers - There has been a time when children caught less attention of researches and marketers as consumers because of the limited disposable money they possess (Ward, 1974) and the inconsequential opinions they can express. Things are changing substantially nowadays, in fact, children play a significant and unique part as consumers today, not only because they have more freely controlled pocket money than they did before, but also because more and more parents respect their children’s opinions, regard their children as independent thinkers and take their children’s advice into consideration while making buying decisions....   [tags: Consumer Socialization Essays]
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( pages) Research Papers [preview] Class, Socialization, and Politics - Elections are at the core of the American political system. They are the way we choose our government, the source of government authority, and a means by which the people can influence public policy. For most Americans, voting is the only form of political participation. Essential questions to ask concerning these issues are: Who votes and why. What influences people to become voters. And what influences how they vote. It is important to approach these issues from a sociological standpoint addressing such matters as socialization and social stratification....   [tags: Political Socialization and Voting]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Political Socialization in Nigeria - This essay is aimed to examine one of the agents of political socialisation for the way in which it operates and the effects it may have in Nigeria. Political socialisation is learning process that begins very early and continues all throughout ones life. Through political socialisation people acquire their perceptions and feelings about their political environment. It accounts for both the commonalties and diversities of political life. (DP Dawson p1). It is an approach to understanding both patterns of similarities and differences in political outlooks among the constituents a given system....   [tags: Political Socialization Essays] 1516 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Socialization of Girls - Socialization is the processes in which we develop an awareness of social norms and values. It also allows us to achieve a distinct sense of who we are as a person. The socialization processes are particularly noteworthy during infancy and childhood, they continue throughout life. No one is immune from the reactions of others around them. The reactions of others influence and modify ones behavior at all times during ones life cycle. As a child grows, they develop in many ways. They become taller and heavier....   [tags: Social Influences, Gender, Psychology] 434 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Process of Socialization - How does the socialization process simultaneously create both the individual and the institution. Children are born into this world without any form of a sociological culture. They go through a sociological developmental process in, which parents, teachers, and other influences, transform them into socially proficient individuals. What is socialization. Socialization is how people teach others how to interact with their group. As an individual becomes socialized so they also create a socialized institution....   [tags: Sociology Essays]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Agent of Socialization - Some people behavior is normal while most of their manners are learnt. When a child comes in the world they are slowly mold into a social being and learn social ways of acting and feeling in society. There existence in society becomes unfeasible without this route. This process of molding and shaping the individuality of an infant is known as socialization. In general socialization is a social training by which every society lay down its own ways and means of giving social training to new born infant to adulthood members so that they may develop their own identity....   [tags: Sociology ]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Cycle of Socialization - The cycle of socialization is a process through which social identities are created, and in effect, each individual represents and is affected by their social identity. According to the cycle of socialization, the first stop in the socialization process is outside of one’s control—one is socialized even before they are born. Our social identities are predetermined, and we are born in a world with roles, rules, and assumptions already in place. Our family and role models teach these rules and roles to us, for they are the shapers of expectations, values, and norms....   [tags: Discrimination] 984 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Socialization in Children - In today’s media, there is a very strong focus on the various effects of peer pressure on children. However, it can be argued that other factors, such as family, school, and mass media, have an equal or stronger impact on who a child is, thus impacting the child’s socialization. Socialization can be defined as a continuing process through which an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position. Occurring mostly in childhood, the socialization process begins in the first stages of life when parents are the main influence on children....   [tags: behavioral science, psychology, development]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Processes of Socialization - Processes of socialization are the ways that new members of a society learn the cultural values, norms, or traditions of the society in which they are in. There are several rituals that take place during this process. There are several ways that a child or new member learn these. Several ways are similar between societies. These patterns of socialization are passed down through generations. The San's socialization take place in their family and society. They are socialized by their family and friends....   [tags: society, cultural values, norms, traditions]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Individuality and Socialization - We as a human race have become a byproduct of our society. Through media, technology, and social pressure, humans no longer run society, but it seems like we are run by society. The quote from sociologist Peter Berger states “Not only do people live in society but society lives in them” This statement is referring to a form of social control were groups and the people in those groups conform to society partially knowingly and partially as a reflection based on dominant social expectations. As I further explain Berger’s statement I will explain how individuality, identity, and freedom fit in to such a predetermined future....   [tags: Sociology ]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Impact of School & Socialization Institution - ... The family is the first Social institution that that every individual must interact with. This institution or agent of socialization teaches individuals how to be themselves and how they can and should stand on their own two feet. In the course of transmission of social and cultural norms, family has a primary role. Parents are essential in this process, as they not only take part in the transmission of broader system of social norms, but also they make the rules that discipline family life (Mester, 2012)....   [tags: culture, church, development] 603 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Heredity and Environment: Agents of Socialization - What makes you, you. Could it be the genes you were born with, or the environment you were raised in. This long-winded debate over heredity versus environment continues to prevail, while researchers discover both heredity and environment equally contribute to socialization. The process of socialization is better understood when examining how heredity and environment function alone. Socialization begins in the womb and ends in the grave. Individuals learn attitudes, values, and behaviors appropriate for a particular culture through human interaction....   [tags: Sociology]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Effects of Socialization on Child Development - When I graduate from the University of Memphis, I want to be able to apply social development in children developing anxiety disorders while becoming an elementary school teacher. A child’s exposure to positive socialization and the success of child developmental stages and is what the development of an individual depends on. The following will present the relationship between human development and socialization. Then explain what an anxiety disorder is and how the relationship between human development and socialization is affected by this disorder....   [tags: anxiety, experiences, interaction] 772 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Agents and Types of Socialization - Introduction Socialization is characterized as the methodology of taking in one's society and how to live inside it. There are numerous types of socialization: Essential socialization is the methodology whereby individuals take in the demeanor, values, and activities fitting to people as parts of a specific society. The significant organization answerable for this sort of taking in is the family. Optional socialization alludes to procedure of taking in - what is proper conduct as a part of a more modest gathering inside the bigger social order....   [tags: mass media, government, workplace] 1187 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Music as an Agent of Socialization - Music has played a major role as an agent of socialization in each of my 4 decades. I know and hope that it will continue to do so. During each period music has affected my personality, shown my personality, affected my perceptions and helped me to cope with growing and changing as a person. My Looking Glass Self has compared the person in song and possibly the singer themselves to myself to gain perspective of who I was at each time. I am going to discuss each decade with the thought of how music was an agent of socialization in each....   [tags: Music] 1395 words
(4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Family as a Primary Agent to Socialization - Introduction A family is a group of people consisting of the parents and their children who live together and they are blood related. The family is always perceived as the basic social units whether they are living together in the same compound or at far distance but are closely related especially by blood. Therefore, the family unit has had a great influence on the growth and the character traits possessed by the children as they grow up and how they perceive the society they live in (Bourne, 2006)....   [tags: changes, race, gender ]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gender Socialization and Women in Politics - Introduction At first glance, circumstances seem to be improving for women’s political advancement. Women such as Hilary Clinton and Nancy Palosi have accomplished incredible milestones toward attaining positions of influence as Secretary of State and Speaker of the House, respectfully. Not to mention their successes as United State Congresswomen. Women also are making great strides in the pursuit of education. In 2009, the National Center for Education Statistics discovered that “ percent of Bachelor Degrees, percent of Masters Degrees, and percent of Doctoral Degrees awarded in the ....   [tags: Hilary Clinton and Nancy Palosi]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Family as an Agent of Socialization - Family is a fundamental social institution in society, the family, is considered the primary and most important agent of socialization. Family typically consists of a man and woman and their children or two or more people who usually reside in the same home and share same goals and values. Traditionally, in all societies, the family has always been seen as a social institution; that has the biggest impact on society. Everyone is born into some form of family, with the family taking the responsibility of nurturing, teaching the norms or accepted behaviors within the family structure and within society....   [tags: Sociology]
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(4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Television as an Agent of Socialization - Television as an Agent of Socialization I chose the first episode of the very popular television program The Event. I viewed the first episode on Netflix, October 20, 2011. This program originally aired on NBC, September 10, 2010, and is titled “I Haven’t Told You Everything”. This program has a total of twenty two series to date and is classified as an action-adventure drama. After viewing a picture of the main characters with the synopsis of this program, I noticed immediately that this was a male dominated show....   [tags: women, american dream, power of .] 1001 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gender Socialization and Women in Politics - In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared all acts of discrimination on the basis of sex unlawful. 31 years later, the Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) was adopted by the General Assembly. The CEDAW prompted an international document of the same name that advocates for the full incorporation of women in decision making capacities. It also “emphasis the civil rights, legal rights of women, reproductive roles and rights, impact of cultural factors on gender relations and barriers on advancement of women (World Bank, 2012)....   [tags: equal pay act, discrimination]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Gender Socialization and Gender Roles - Gender socialization and gender roles have always existed in society. When analyzing gender roles, they are not always equal or consistent when comparing cultures, however, the expectations of females and males are often times clearly defined with a little to no common area. The Japanese culture is an example of the defined gender roles that change over time. According to Schafer (2010), because “gender roles are society’s expectations of the proper behavior, attitudes, and activities of males and females”, they must be taught ()....   [tags: gender roles, samurai, japanese culture] 1183 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Organization Socialization in Humans - Socialization is a process in which a newcomer adapts the behaviour pattern of the organizations surrounding culture and acquires knowledge and attitudes needed to become an effective insider to an organization (Van Maanen and Schein, 1979) Organization Socialization for a newcomer staff member is very essential as adjustment during initial entry is generally believed the most intense and problematic phase and by the process of socialization a newcomer get in speed with the organization and adapt its environment, it becomes easier for the newcomer to learn organizational values ,norms and resources....   [tags: newcomer, money, resouces, intergration] 2442 words
(7 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Facebook, a Useful Means of Socialization - Facebook, a Useful Means of Socialization Advancement of communication technologies has brought our friends in a stone's throw away. In particular, facebook allows us to share our ongoing lives by virtue of sophisticated cyber-images. This element of society has opened a new window for peoples keen to share information with intimacy and personal relationship. In the way of social communication people often use this wonder medium and eventually has created a world of virtual friends. Due to its virtual community facebook is also claimed to be more than nothing, as stated by Niedzviecki (2011, p....   [tags: communication, networking, interaction]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Vitality of Socialization During Infancy - Although we do not remember being an infant, it was those times that were crucial to have socialization in our lives, not just for development but also for survival. An infant’s mental development is strongly dependent on the social world around them. For without social interaction, not only would there be no language, but there would be no prosperity, therefore, no life. Even though children are born with the ability to learn a language, their social interaction with other people is a substantial factor in their language development....   [tags: social, language, infant, vocal] 1165 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gender Roles, Socialization and Relationships - Watch the classical film Grease and one will understand how relationships function in western Society. The film tells a story of a boy (Danny) and a girl (Sandy) who falls in love. Through a series of misunderstandings they break up, but still care enough about each other that they still try revive their relationship. Through ballads such as Summer Night’s that are still popular today, the film shows how differently males and females view relationships. Danny, for example, describes his relationship in more physical terms while Sandy describes her relationship in much more emotional terms –such as what they did that night....   [tags: Sociology]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] What is Political Socialization? - ... Political socialization is “the process by which an individual acquires values, beliefs, and opinions about politics” (Dautrich ). Political socialization is a lifelong process starting during childhood but goes through many changes during a person’s life. The many influences that shape a person’s values and beliefs are called agents of political socialization. Anything that affects a person’s values or beliefs is called an agent of political socialization. The major agents of political socialization include parents, family, friends, education, religion, and with today’s technology mass media has become one of the biggest agents (Texas Political Culture)....   [tags: beliefs, influence, liberal] 558 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Homeschooling and Childhood Socialization - Unlike many students, my first year of schooling was undertaken at home, rather than amongst my peers. My subsequent years of schooling were spent in a normal classroom environment; however, I often felt that this year at home, which was characterized by much less interaction with peers than I would have had if I was enrolled in traditional schooling, had left me at a social disadvantage, or slightly behind other children in terms of my level of socialization. I was much shyer than the other children who had already developed groups, friendships, who were much more adept at interacting amongst each other, and generally seemed more outgoing than myself....   [tags: Education]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Socialization and Social Isolation - When someone speaks of “socializing,” one’s thought may automatically reminisce of a memory of bonding or connecting with his friends or family. This thought is not incorrect, but it is only half of what sociologists mean by the term “socialization.” Socialization has two goals that relate to a member of society on a social and individual level, which helps shape who a person is and how they think. There are rare cases and myths where an individual lacks social and learned behaviors by social isolation....   [tags: Feral, Depression] 986 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] How Socialization Shapes Society - Socialization Through socialization, a society relays cultural values to its members, intelligence is learned, and personalities are developed. In every society there are four types of social interaction and many socializing agents, but every society approaches them differently and different societies may have different socializing agents. This is because every society socializes in a different way. The San have no authority figures to maintain order in their society, but although deviance is present, there are no gangs or thieves....   [tags: culture, interaction, learning] 815 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Socialization: Music and Me - Thinking back to what form of mass media has been the most influential form of my socialization, I realized music has most defined and shaped my self-identity over the years. (, 57) Socialization is defined by Brym and Lie as “the process by which people learn their culture. They do so by entering and disengaging from a succession of roles and becoming aware of themselves as they interact with others.” (p. 49) My earliest childhood memories are of being immersed in music, whether on TV, radio, or record albums, as music is one of my mothers, a former singer and pianist, greatest loves....   [tags: mass media, music, choices, genre] 886 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Facebook Effects in Socialization - In this day and age, many individuals simply cannot go without some sort of socialization. Specifically speaking, most participate in online social networking sites. The most popular and used one is commonly known as Facebook. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. By 2007, Facebook had over 21 million users, adding up to billion page views every single day. The typical user spends over twenty minutes per day on Facebook and two thirds of the users log in every day at least once. It is not questionable as to why many people have a Facebook account....   [tags: social networking, privacy, relationships]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Kids Toys and Socialization - Kids Toys & Socialization Toy stores are perfect places for a sociologist to use their sociological imagination. Gendering and racism is thought to be something that is socially constructed as opposed to biologically constructed. Gendering starts during infancy, and around 2 years old children start to internalize these gender differences. I argue that children’s toys help socialize children into gender specific roles. Toy stores, like Target and Toys R Us help us understand what types of toys help to gender children....   [tags: pushing kids into gender specific roles]
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(4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Socialization Factors in Terrorism - To address the problem of terrorism and discover possible counterterrorism measures, we must look first to the contributing factors to terrorism, especially factors impacting recruitment and retention. To many scholars, average citizens become terrorists due to triggers, including political upheaval, catastrophic events, or desire for revenge (Vertigans, 2011, p. 76). However, immediate triggers cannot be the only motivating factor for average citizens to become terrorists, as not every one becomes a terrorist after undergoing the same trigger event....   [tags: recruitment and retention] 1027 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Coed Schools and Socialization - ... Not hearing that [bullying] language is a huge change in our class” (Ms. Radke 4). Students need to interact with the opposite sex because it helps build their relationship with one another. Given these points, mixing genders has become a great impact in relationships and communications. In coed schools, the students’ skills are more likely to improve. It has a great impact on students, especially on males because they become more of a gentleman. According to Dona Matthews, a Toronto-based developmental psychologist and former instructor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, that in co-ed school setting, research shows that male students are affected by “a politeness factor”...   [tags: bullying, experiment, boys and girls] 931 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Organizational Socialization - According to Louis (1980), organizational socialization is a process by which individuals come to be familiar with and to appreciate the value, norms, missions and required behaviors of organizations in which they are going to work. Each newcomer of any organizations has to experience a transition period, which typically last between 6 to 10 months, to adapt to a new setting, in another word, to be organizational socialized in the new setting (Louis, 1980). Experiences during this time largely influence the newcomer’s impression and future adjustment of the organization (Song & Chathoth, 2011)....   [tags: Social Work Interns, Benefits] 1258 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Socialization Theories: The Door in Our Mind - The Door in Our Mind At the beginning of every human life we are born with an open mind later to be molded. Once the molding reaches a certain stage the door closes and our journey to become who we are begins. As a young child is introduced to new enviorments, people and surrondings they are created into who they will become, a process called socialization. Socialization is a process of learning ones culture, it must be done at an early age to have the proper affects on the child. This process is done naturally when the door in the child’s mind is wide open....   [tags: freud, locke, erikson ]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Socialization Process and Internalized and Externalized Controls - ... This is normal because lots of people work and goes to school. “Internalized control is the process by which an individual controls their own behavior through conformity to norms or standards”(MIBBA Creative Writing). the general tenets of socialization as a process. Socialization occurs when a child is first born. Children start socialization with the people who are around them first. After, socialization with people like family they then begin to socialize with others. Socialization is different culture to culture....   [tags: defintions, tenets, process] 522 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Effects of Child Socialization: Erikson and Bronfenbrenner - Socialization occurs in any child’s life on a daily basis no matter where he or she lives or the places that he or she attends. Children are socialized by many people that they are surrounded by, including other children and adults that have various relations to them. Through knowing all of this one could come to the conclusion that socialization is an ongoing process throughout the lifespan. In order to fully understand the socialization of a child, observations have to be made and compared to different theories....   [tags: childhood, development]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Social Networking’s Influence on Socialization - As the world changes so rapidly, so have the ways we communicate. Technology now plays an enormous part of how we converse and socialize as a culture. As we continue to progress as a civilization, it is significant to preserve the basic principles of socialization. Socialization helps us acquire necessary habits, beliefs and knowledge of society from our environment through home, school, community and the legal system. The development of these social skills begins in infancy to adulthood for the purpose of functioning in society....   [tags: Online, Internet, Facebook]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Political Socialization Patterns - I see politics in our country dividing us as a society more and more every day. People are born into political communities and are raised to believe a certain political view or a specific bias all because they’re raised in a certain area. Someone’s religion, ethnicity, and social status all have effects on where people fall on the political spectrum. For me personally, I’m not really sure which one of the factors I mentioned played a significant roll in my development because I don’t fully consider myself a Republican or Democrat....   [tags: Republicans, Democrats, government, US]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Problems Associated with Gender Socialization in Society - As soon as a child is born a sort of social conditioning begins. The child whether a boy or a girl will end up being taught many different sets of behaviours and how they should act. A boy is taught things such as sports, how to be complete and self reliant. He is also taught to be strong; such as when you get hurt to not cry, as society expects boys to not cry. Boys are also taught not to show emotions in anyway and to not show anyone how they feel or to not give the correct answer if asked how they feel....   [tags: gender] 1636 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Agents of Socialization - Agents of socialization in short are the people, groups, and social institutions, as well as the interactions within these groups that influence a person’s social and self-development. Agents of socialization are believed to provide the critical information needed for children to function successfully as a member of society. Some examples of such agents are family, neighborhood, schools, peers, religion, sports, the workplace, and especially the mass media. Each agent of socialization is linked to another....   [tags: essays research papers] 1763 words
(5 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Socialization in College - Socialization in College What if everyone sat alone for lunch, each company did not interact with other businesses, and everyone lived a life of solitude. During college, learning to interact with others plays a large role in shaping the individual. College life provides many opportunities for a student to become involved with others. This socialization can result in a person gaining many benefits, including preparation for the work world. Social development helps a student to meet new people as well as making a person aware of the diversity on a college campus like Saint Peter’s....   [tags: Personal Narrative] 811 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Sources of Socialization - Sources of Socialization Each and every day we receive information from our society about our society. This information, or culture comes from many different sources. We are taught, or socialized, to be members of our society by our family, in school, by our peer group and mass media. These four groups are known as agents of socialization. By it's very nature society adapts and changes and so does the structure of and the influence of the four agents. Of the four agents, mass media has been the fastest changing and has grown most in its influence....   [tags: Papers] 904 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Organization Socialization Tactics for a Newcomer Staff Member - Introduction Socialization is a process in which a newcomer adapts the behaviour pattern of the organizations surrounding culture and acquires knowledge and attitudes needed to become an effective insider to an organization (Van Maanen and Schein, 1979) Organization Socialization for a newcomer staff member is very essential as adjustment during initial entry is generally believed the most intense and problematic phase and by the process of socialization a newcomer get in speed with the organization and adapt its environment, it becomes easier for the newcomer to learn organizational values ,norms and resources....   [tags: values, norms, resources, commitment, attitude]
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( pages) Research Papers [preview] The Problem of Youth's Education and Socialization - Philosophic-Methodological and Social-Cultural Factors in the Problem of Youth's Education and Socialization Missing Works Cited ABSTRACT: The socialization of youth is currently in crisis. Education is in crisis across the world. The correlation between socialization and education is a crucial theoretical as well as a practical problem. Schools are the main institution of socialization. Education possesses two different functions: social reproduction and development. The way of life in any concrete society requires stable forms of socialization....   [tags: Teaching Education Research] 2175 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Media as an Agent in Socialization - The Media as an Agent in Socialization According to the reading, “Socialization and Culture” from the book “Interdisciplinary English” by Loretta F. Kasper, socialization is the process in which a child learns how to behave in life and participate in a group in society. Socialization has four basic agents: family, school, peers and the mass media. Each one of these agents plays a role in our lives. However, in my opinion, the most important agent of socialization for the development of the child is the mass media....   [tags: Papers] 640 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Where My Political Socialization Comes From - Where My Political Socialization Comes From A lot of things have played a role in my personal political socialization. Political ideology is the places where you have informed your beliefs from. The first example of where I get my personal political socialization is from my family. Second I have influence from my location in the . Finally I get influence from Narragansett High School which is the school I currently attend. That is where I received my personal political socialization from. The main place where I have received my political socialization from is from my family....   [tags: Political Science, Personal Narrative] 530 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Socialization - Socialization Socialization is the process by which culture is learned; also called enculturation. During socialization individuals internalize a culture's social controls, along with values and norms about right and wrong. Socialization is a complex process that involves many individuals, groups, and social institutions. AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION There are four main agents of socialization family, school, peer groups (friends and collogues), and mass media. The family is the single most important agent of socialization because the family is the first and most continuous social world for infants and children....   [tags: Sociology Society Behavior Essays Papers] 838 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Formation of Personality through Socialization - The Formation of Personality through Socialization The process by which personality is formed as the result of social influences is called socialization. Early research methods employed case studies of individuals and of individual societies (., primitive tribes). Later research has made statistical comparisons of numbers of persons or of different societies; differences in child-rearing methods from one society to another, for example, have been shown to be related to the subsequent behaviour of the infants when they become adults....   [tags: Social Psychology Personality Essays] 1199 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Nuclear Families Provide the Optimal Socialization for Child Development - “Nothing in the world could make human life happier than to greatly increase the number of strong families” writes David R. Mace, a seminal advocate of marriage enrichment. Is this statement an idealistic exaggeration, a poetic ideal, or is it an accurate observation of the profound impact of the nuclear family on the functioning of society. A review of the literature bears witness to the accuracy of Mace’s quote. Through the long history of human civilization and across every culture, the family is the foundational structure of society and strengthening the family will strengthen the society....   [tags: sociology, relationships, unity]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Gender Roles and Socialization in Adolescence - A Review of Mary Pipher”s “Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls”, Laura E. Berk's “Infants and Children: Prenatal Through Middle Childhood”, and Lina A. Ricciardelli's “Self-esteem and Negative Affect as Moderators of Sociocultural Influences on Body Dissatisfaction, Strategies to Decrease Weight, and Strategies to Increase Muscles Among Adolescent Boys and Girls” Adolescence is one of the most difficult times for development. This difficulty is experienced very differently for boys and girls....   [tags: Reviving Ophelia Literature Development Essays]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Socialization in the Films The Wildchild, The Pawnbroker, and Dr. Strangelove - Naturally, as human beings we need socialization to function. It has been stated that solitary confinement is inhumane because of the isolation one experiences. Albeit, the human races’ ability to socialize can be an asset as well as a hindrance. Being that humans have an innate capability to do positive but also negative things in the world, with no surprise socialization can turn out be a good thing or a bad thing. This can be seen in the three movies: “The Wild Child,” “The Pawnbroker,” and “Dr....   [tags: theme analysis] 1295 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Socialization of Males Through Sports - Socialization of Males Through Sports With socialization, learning, not instinct is responsible for the development of values, identities, and roles in relationship to society. Michael Messner views identity as a "process of construction." One way that gender identity for males is generated is through sports. Messner did a study on a diverse group of retired athletes. Through this study, Messner observed how males identified their boyhood through sports. Four broad areas of the lives of the thirty diverse athletes were addressed....   [tags: Papers] 493 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Socialization of Children is Key to Reducing Childhood Obesity - The purpose of this paper is to choose a topic or theme related to family or family theory. The questions to be answered are the following: what has been learned from the literature in the topic. How has the readings helped in a better understanding of how this issue could be addressed in practice. A minimum of three peer reviewed articles will be used in this discussion. The topic chosen is how parents’ socialization techniques and behaviors are contributing to childhood obesity. Based on a review of the literature, one thing learned was that the incidence of obesity from 1980 to 1999 has doubled in the United States (Ogden, Carroll & Flegal, 2002 cited in O’Dea & Eriksen, 2010, pp....   [tags: Obesity in Children]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] The Four Major Points of Socialization in Harry Potter - Introduction Harry Potter is a very good story within the media that portrays all four major agents of socialization pretty well. The influence of family in Harry's life was changed because of how Voldemort had heard the prophecy of a child who will be a threat to him. This is a great example of a self-fulfilling prophecy since Voldemort reacts to this by trying to kill Harry. The result of this, of course, only sets-up his own destruction. Culture The culture of Harry potter is similar in it’s values but overall has an entire addition of cultural characteristics that are not within our own values for Harry are pretty obvious especially since the story offers you exact opposites...   [tags: Culture, Family, School, Peer Groups]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Internet's Affect on Socialization - The Internet's Affect on Socialization In our modern society, technology has impacted out lives in almost every aspect imaginable. Our life style has become one of the new eras, dealing substantially with strands of new technology each day. Today, many households contain at least one personal computer. The simplest things have all changed in account of newer, better, faster, and more efficient forms of advanced technology. A primary focus can be taken alone on the impact computers have had in our changing world....   [tags: Papers] 1021 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Irreligious Catholics and Their Potential Threat to the Process of Socialization - The goal of this paper is to determine if the Catholic religion has continued to modernize since Vatican II. In order to help analyze the modernization of Catholicism, this paper will examine the immigration of Catholics to America in the 19th and 20th centuries. Throughout this paper, I will reference Dr. Julie Byrne’s commentary, a professor in American religious history at Duke University, as a means of explaining how Catholicism has assimilated into American culture. Next, this paper suggests three challenges that Catholics are presently facing in the 21st century....   [tags: Religion]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Girls Versus Boys: Toys and Gender Role Socialization - “What. A boy playing with Barbie dolls. That’s messed up man. Only girls play with dolls. Everyone knows that!” This is an answer from Cavin, seven years old, when asked what he thought about boys playing with Barbie dolls. Listening to these words can make one realize that even from a young age, children have been strongly impacted by gender through society. According to sociologist James M. Henslin, gender is “the behaviors and attitudes that a society considers proper for its males and females; masculinity or femininity” (280)....   [tags: sociological analysis] 1421 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Influence of Socialization on the Individual - ... However, Erving Goffman in The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, the social roles in which we behave in are emphasised, highlighting that although we appear at our most natural, we are actually in roles that society has influenced, cancelling out the essentialist views. Goffman sees the self as a ‘dramaturgical approach’, using acting as an approach to illustrate the manner that people stage themselves based on the way in which they wish to be perceived by others during social interactions....   [tags: self, everyday life, gender] 844 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] Changes in Child Socialization - Changes in Child Socialization The socialization of children has changed during the past century. According to Shepard 2001, child socialization is defined as a close interaction with a small number of people-none of whom the child has selected-where the child learned to think and speak, internalizes norms, beliefs, and values; forms some basic attitudes; develops a capacity (or incapacity) for intimate and personal relationships; and acquires a self-image. In the past, a child may have learned to be social through relationships at home, at school and at church....   [tags: Sociology Sociological Essays]
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( pages) Better Essays [preview] Gender and Sport Socialization - Gender and Sport Socialization Socialization is a life long process whereby the individual learns the appropriate roles and norms of behaviour within a particular society. From birth, children are socialised into sex-linked roles; in many instances males are expected to behave in a ‘masculine’ way and are encouraged to be involved in activities, such as sport, that are traditionally regarded as male. Women however are usually expected to behave in a ‘feminine’ manner; a vast contrast to the encouragement of males to be strong, powerful, forceful and aggressive....   [tags: Papers] 507 words
( pages) Good Essays [preview] Socialization and Social Stratification - Socialisation is a learning process where people learn and adapt to the appropriate and accepted values, attitudes and behaviours of their society. Nevertheless, separate groups exist within societies for reasons including ethnicity, class and culture and these can bring their own set of ‘norms’. Bond and Bond in Sociology and Social Care (2009 pg28) states “From the cradle to the grave we are being socialised”. Primary socialisation occurs from infancy to early adulthood. Secondary socialisation follows into the later stages of maturity....   [tags: Sociology]
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( pages) Term Papers [preview] Political Socialization - Political Socialization Political socialization begins early on in life and is an ongoing process affecting individuals throughout. It is how people eventually identify personal beliefs and expectations in American politics. These political views can include our level of patriotism, faith in the democratic system, standards by which we hold governing bodies, and opinions regarding public policies. From the playground to the classroom, the office to the dinner table, much of our lives affect our political opinions....   [tags: Papers] 991 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Political Socialization - Political Socialization A person is fed information throughout their life from various outside influences, this is how one forms values, views and opinions, and from this, one shapes their political views based on what they believe or have been taught to believe. There are many factors that come into play when these views are formed, some are very apparent (historical events) and others while apparent, have a latent effect (gender, race, socio-economic status etc). The way a person is brought up has a fairly large impact on political socialization, children come to know their parents value systems and beliefs, they brought up around these beliefs and they are instilled upon them in both un...   [tags: Papers] 399 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Socialization test - Socialization Test #2 1. Social interaction is absolutely necessary for one to develop a sense of self and of oneness. Our sense of self is not an inherited or instinctual realization. Rather it is a co-developed understanding of ourselves and those around us. We can’t solely develop an understanding of who we truly are any easier than we could examine the features of our face w/o the use of a mirror. Social interaction is that mirror for us. Its allows us to see inside of ourselves based on the interactions we have with others like us, or society as a whole....   [tags: essays research papers] 2256 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gender Socialization - Gender Socialization A baby is born and the doctor looks at the proud parents and says three simple words: Its a boy, or Its a girl. Before a newborn child even takes his or her first breath of life outside the mothers womb, he or she is distinguished and characterized by gender. The baby is brought home and dressed in clothes that help others identify the sex of the child. Baby boys are dressed in blue and baby girls are dressed in pink. The baby boy may be dressed in a blue shirt with a football or a baseball glove on it....   [tags: Papers] 1294 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Male Socialization - Male Socialization While there are many competing theories surrounding the development of gender roles, this one fact is incontestable and unavoidable: men and women are socialized differently. There is not yet enough conclusive evidence to determine how large of a role biology plays in creating the gendered psyches, but, whilst scientists continue to explore the intricacies of neurology, we can draw conclusions about how social mores assist in instilling masculinity and femininity into our culture....   [tags: Papers] 2351 words
( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] My Socialization - My socialization while growing up had everything to do with my parents. In my household I didn’t have just one certain style of parenting. My mother was a permissive parent, and my father was very much an authoritative dad. This was able to happen because my father travels a lot of the time and is out of the house, therefore giving me the chance take advantage of my mom being so much of a push over. When my father was gone on business I could get away with anything such as not cleaning my room, staying up as late as I wanted, and receiving anything I wanted....   [tags: essays research papers] 1384 words
(4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Only Children Vs. Children with Siblings - Introduction The Topic I decided on is the socialization of children with no siblings versus the socialization of children with multiple siblings. The first question i had was is there a big difference in which children with siblings and children without siblings mature with their socialization. I investigated whether or not the more siblings you have affects your ability to socialize as you mature. I feel it is important to examine this issue because people are not aware how many children they have can affect how there child socializes with others....   [tags: socialization of kids ] 1663 words
( pages) Better Essays [preview] The Sexual Double Standard : How Men and Women Are Perceived According to Their Gender. - From a young age , many individuals worldwide are socialized according to their gender and what is appropriate for males and females. Socializing according to ones gender starts from the moment you are born when the nurses give you either a blue or pink blanket to wrap the child in. This allows society to known whether the child is a male or female. The double standard for gender occurs within many areas of development for instance the clothes one wears, the toys that are placed with, the jobs and careers one chooses in their later life....   [tags: gender socialization]
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(3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Teenage Girls and Body Image - ... In a study done of female beauty icons, two time frames were studied, 1959-1978 and 1979-1988. In the research, the women who were portrayed as beautiful, and the icons in the media, were observed and over half of them had fit into the standards of having one of the eating disorders, anorexia nervosa (Vonderen & Kinnally, 2012). Mass media can have an adverse effect teenage girls by showing body types that are unrealistic as the normal and desirable type of body to have. Young women look to the mass media to see the societal norms for beauty, and what they see can influence the way that they view themselves....   [tags: media, socialization] 1282 words
( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Looking Glass Self Theory - With relation to the question, one topic of study that might interest both sociologist and psychologist is how some students feel that they are entitled to go into a school because they come from a certain background and school. (See, 2013). A psychologist is a person who studies personality, which comprises consistent and distinct behavioural traits, which are expressed externally, and emotional traits, which are possessed internally. Psychologists also attempt to understand socialization, a process that teaches individuals how to be accepted into a society by incorporating rules, values or norms for better adaptation....   [tags: psychology, socialization]
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( pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gender Socialization: Should A University Implement e-Learning Program? - 1. Greg Jackson claims that creating an e-Learning business will be the best investment for Kochville State University. What are the strengths and/or limitations of Greg Jackson’s position on this matter. Greg Jackson’s proposal regarding creating an e-learning start-up is compelling but it presents both pros and cons for KSU. On the positive side, the e-learning environment is a frontier environment yet to be fully realized. According to President Drake memorandum the e-Learning environment will help propel KSU to achieve its goal of being a leading institution in utilization of technology for education field (Document A, 2014)....   [tags: gender specific norms and roles]
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( pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Our Socialization Process is Assumed through the Media - Our Socialization Process is Assumed through the Media In America, women are known as the breadwinners of the family. They go off to work in the morning while their husbands spend the day cleaning and cooking, some may even have a part-time job. Employed or not, the husband always makes sure their woman is fed after a hard days work. Do these statements sound ridiculous to you as an American. Are they even feasible. Not in this country, here things are the complete opposite. How do we know that....   [tags: Papers] 618 words
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