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Salsa Central
Two of the city's best-known salsa clubs carry the name León, as in "lion," and the king of the jungle is singer Pepe Arévalo. For 42 years he's been setting the tone for tropical music. As he explained, "There is no such thing as salsa. That's a marketing invention. What there is is mambo, cumbia, danzón, cha-cha, plena, bomba, and so on. Salsa clubs used to have a bad reputation; I take some credit for changing that."
Bar León 5 República de Brasil, Centro; 52-5/510-3093. The real thing. When they check patrons for weapons, you know they find some. The place jumps with live music and good dancing.
El Gran León 225 Calle Querétaro, Colonia Roma; 52-5/564-7110. Same atmosphere as the original Bar León but bigger.
Salón México Segundo Callejón de San Juan de Dios and Pensador Mexicano; 52-5/518-0931. Decorated like the set of Metropolis, it caters to a crowd of ballroom dancers and intellectuals.

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During the Middle Ages, much of the region that was later called the Ruhrgebiet was situated in the County of Mark , the Duchies of Cleves and Berg and the territories of the bishop of Münster and the archbishop of Cologne . The region included some villages and castles, and was mainly agrarian: its loess soil made it one of the richer parts of western Germany. The free imperial city of Dortmund was the trading and cultural centre, lying on the Hellweg , an important east-west trading route, that also brought prosperity to the town of Duisburg . Both towns were members of the Hanseatic League .

However, it may be argued that the existence of 'terrorists' in the film (., Jill Layton, Buttle/Tuttle, and Sam are all accused of being terrorists) and various 'terrorist' acts (., the restaurant and shop bombing, the blown up car) are deliberately made ambiguous - it is very probable that the central threat of terrorism is the government's way to silence deviation, provoke fear, cover up its multiple errors, and provide a scapegoat enemy. Viewers must interpret this central theme of the film for themselves - and recognize the fact that ironically -- there may be no terrorists at all.

Tuesday's rain delayed services on the heavily used local train network, a rail official said, while road traffic was also disrupted by flooding. Commuters stuck at various stations since last night due to disruption of suburban train services were seen making their way home this morning as the situation improved overnight. Five Western Railway trains have been cancelled due to heavy rain; most running at restricted speed. Heavy waterlogging was reported on tracks between Vasai and Virar.

Mumbai recorded 210 mm rainfall, suburb 303 mm in the last 24 hours till 8:30 am today. Warnings continue but situation is improving, keeping a close watch, said a senior weather official. There is a high tide warning at pm of metres for today, they added.

After forecast of heavy rain, Maharashtra's Education Minister Vinod Tawde in a tweet advised all schools and colleges in the city to remain closed on Wednesday.

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Mexico City
Metropolitan Area (Greater Mexico City): million

Distrito Federal: million

( INEGI 2011 census )

Back to the music: in ., Bowie was already experimenting writing lyrics with what he called the “cut-out method,” which was something William S. Burroughs had famously employed on his novel Nova Express , an anti-narrative method that he’d actually devised with writer-artist Brion Gysin which involved randomly splicing together phrases from various sources and inserting them into his own text.

The challenge was not long in coming. The first Crusades were a marriage of convenience for a Christendom divided between the rival Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Catholic) churches. During the Fourth Crusade that enmity erupted into open warfare when the Latins sought to exploit one of Byzantium’s many dynastic squabbles. While en route to Palestine, the leaders of the crusade, cash-strapped and never opposed to a little profiteering, took up an offer by Alexius, the son of the deposed and imprisoned Emperor Isaac II, to restore their throne. In exchange for overthrowing the usurper, Alexius promised 200,000 marks, generous trade concessions and troops for the coming campaign. The deal was struck and on July 17, 1203, the Crusaders attacked Constantinople by land and sea. That night, the usurper Alexius III, fled and the next day Isaac was crowned with his son as co-emperor Alexius IV. Their restoration would be short lived. In January 1204, resentful Byzantine nobles toppled the puppet rulers and brought Alexius III’s son-in-law, Alexius Ducas Mourtzouphlos, to the throne as Alexius V. With no hope of securing Byzantine cooperation for the campaign to the Holy Land from the defiant new emperor and seeing little chance of success without it, the Crusaders determined once more to take Constantinople. The Latins, with a decisive naval advantage thanks to the financial support and powerful fleet put at their disposal by Venice, decided to make a major effort at the Sea Walls. To provide an assault platform, they erected siege towers on their ships from which long spars were rigged as a kind of suspended bridge. As a ship approached the wall or tower to be attacked, the bridge was lowered and the knights would shimmy across. The task of leading such an assault must have been daunting. A knight, grasping for balance moving down a narrow platform high above a ship rolling at anchor, then lifting himself over the parapet, all while evading the arrows, cuts and thrusts of the defenders, was at the mercy of his circumstances. When their first attempt failed, the Latins launched a second assault with two ships tied together. That provided a more stable platform and the possibility of assaulting a tower at two points. A witness, Robert de Clari, described how the attackers gained a foothold: ‘The Venetian who entered first in the tower was on one of these suspended bridges with two knights, and from there, with the aid of his hands and feet, he was able to penetrate the level where the bridge provided access. There he was cut down; it was there that Andr d’Urboise penetrated in the same way when the ship, tossed by the current, touched the tower a second time.’

Various Metropolis Flight 9Various Metropolis Flight 9Various Metropolis Flight 9Various Metropolis Flight 9